5 thoughts on “E0 – About the show

  1. Hello felix. Just a little word to thank you for your podcast that explains simply the main thought and events around liberalism.

    Have you got other material you can refer to me if I want to investigate more deeply.
    Best regards


    1. Hi,

      Sorry for the slow reply, I am off traveling. That said, thank you. Are you especially interested in a particular era or branch of liberalism, or just in general.



      1. Thank you felix for your answer. For clarity I am not a teacher or researcher, only a strong believer and actor of liberalism. I am french living in London. French have always prbs with liberalism. Just the word makes them feared. I try to promote this state of mind and behaviour at my level. For me the main angle to educate people is to show liberalism develops negative sides that we need to regulate. For instance liberalism is often seen as a manifestation of individualism. A litre bit like dubcek, I would like to promote a liberalism with human face. So if you have any material or thoughts about this angle, please could you share or create a forum to share views. Emmanuel macron hopefully will be the answer to the French fear, by unlocking energy and start to be innovative again.

        One point of time I was tempted by the ordi liberalism project: liberalism as much as we can and regulation when necessary.

        Happy to maintain contact with you in all this topic. What’s your background?

        Thanks a lot Emmanuel

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  2. hi Felix,

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to create such a great series. I am currently on episode 7 and listen as I cycle to work and back. I won’t make any specific comments on content until I am at the end. I did though want to at least leave a comment to say how much I am enjoying it.


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